A Mysterious and Strange Antique Shop For The Men With Full of Grudges

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This is an amazing hentai manga with themes of awesome sex and horror from artist Yuiga Naoha and GOT Comics!
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This is an incredible hentai manga from artist Yuiga Naoha about a very unique antuque store, called The Shop For People WIth Grudges. Shinozai is a dull, single businessman who feels he's been wronged all his life. When he enters the shop, he discovers a magic item that gives him power of hypnotisis, invisibility and time stopping!

Now he can dominate all the women who have wronged him, and get revenge sexually. He's able to get back at the haughty female office worker who mocked him at work, to fuck a group of spoiled GALs who thought the world revolved around them, used his time stop power to fuck women who belonged to co-workers who wronged him, and more!

Pages: 232

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