In My Room, After School.

Shipping from Japan
A great onahole that simulates your first encounter with that special girl from your class, after school!
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About the product

Product Description

Imagine finally starting to date that cute girl from your class. You've been going steady for a few weeks, and today you've brought her home to your room, because your parents are away. Just think of how much fun you'll have, discovering each other's bodies!

The onahole is great, re-creating the sweet and pure vagina of the girl, once you finally get her panties off. It has large pussy lips that stretch as you slide a finger inside. She reacts with a little pain but quickly comes to enjoy your touching her.

Inside the onahole is an amazing collection of ridges and bumps that accurately simulate the inside of the pussy. The pink coloring is great, made possible by the dual-layer construction. Just imagine how great it will be, sliding inside her for the first time as the two of you finally become one.

The onahole is made from the company's proprietary materials, and is safe enough to be licked, if you want to do that. The onahole is designed to have almost no "onahole smell" and to not get sticky after repeated use. With proper cleaning, you should get years of use out of his masturbation toy.

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It has been manufactured in accordance with Japanese hygiene law no. 370, and the materials are 100% phylate-free.

Art by Kokudo 12.

Weight: 420g (0.9lbs)
Length: 16cm (6.3in)

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