Surprise! Dagashi BOX

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One category of Japanese snacks we love are Dagashi, the traditional snacks of the Showa Period. Enjoy this large Surprise! Dagashi Box!
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Product Description

This is a huge box of Dagashi, which are the traditional snacks and candy of Japan's Showa period.

The Surprise! Dagashi Box is a huge box filled with fun traditional snacks for you to enjoy. All the snacks are individually wrapped in foil.

There are 80 snacks inside this box, with 20 different varieties. The set includes

* Umaibo 24 piecs
* Snack 20 pieces
* Ramune Candy 12 pieces
* Traditional Other Snacks 6
* Other Random Dagashi Snacks 18.

Made by Eguchi Glico, one of Japan's most famous snack companies. The freshness date is printed on the bottom of the box.

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Length: 26cm (10.2in)
Height: 26cm (10.2in)
Width: 26cm (10.2in)

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