Hallelujah 072

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Get ready for some quality stress relief, with this new large torso-style onahole from Maccos Japan. It checks all the boxes you need!
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This is a large torso style onahole from Japan that is a dual-use toy, with everything you need for fun proper oppai that you can touch and play with, an both a vagina and anus for both kinds of sexual play!

The features of this toy include

- A tall body representing a cute girlfriend ready for loving sex
- The body has an internal frame for support, allowing it to stand up vertically
- The toy features "real figure molding" which shapes itself around your penis as you use it
- The company's "matte skin" covers the toy, for a realistic feel
- Dual holes for vaginal or anal sex, depending on your mood
- At 2350 grams 5.1 lbs it's a large and satisfying mate for you.

A toy like this is great because you can simulate any kind of position you can think of. The toy features legs bent slightly forward so you can do doggy style, missionary position, girl-in-your-lap, or even back sex from above!

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Weight: 2350g (5.2lbs)
Length: 31cm (12.2in)

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