Flower Vendor

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She blooms pretty as any flower, but her roots grow thick and twisted...
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Erect Sawaru is teaming up with J18 to release his doujinshi in English, starting with Flower Vendor! In this oneeshota essential, a young boy becomes smitten with a flower girl—but soon learns there's much more to her than just a comely figure...

A chance encounter with the beautiful flower girl Belinda is all it takes to infatuate our young protagonist. He begins shyly watches her from afar, waiting for the moment to profess his love... until he notices all her customers seem to be men. He soon learns the truth about Belinda: she doesn't just sell flowers, but sexual services on the side. While this young man may not understand what his eyes see, he certainly understands how his body reacts... and starts saving up money of his own to have the older, voluptuous Belinda for himself!

J18 Publishing and Erect Sawaru are proud to present this special English edition of Flower Vendor. With every last bit of Japanese translated and presented in the original B5-size format, this English version preserves everything about Erect Sawaru's doujinshi you know and love... with the only potential improvement being the complete lack of censorship! And don't worry, there's no role reversal in this oneeshota. Only villains do that.

Size: B5
Pages: 44

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