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The universe of Metahuman Amnero opens up with the third book in this sexy science-fiction series, devoting its pages to Myuka and her boy toy Aji!
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Myuka may be the happy-go-unlucky girl, but someone's getting lucky tonight between the covers of Tipsy Rabbit, Hyocoro's third entry in the science-fiction universe of Metahuman Amnero! The last time we saw Myuka, she was sucking war hero Nagamatsu dry... but is she already hungry again?!

Aji and Palalua are the latest characters to join our colorful cast: a war orphan with dreams of becoming a celebrated hero, and a pint-size genius troublemaker! The two are friends of convenience, having grown up in the same orphanage together—which is where they met Myuka. Aji of course fell for her immediately, and don't think Palu didn't know it... which is where her latest scheme comes from: Aji's birthday is coming up, so of course Palu invites Myuka over for some food, drink, and festivities! But there might be a little something extra in Myuka's... and with Palu making herself scarce, Aji's all alone with his tipsy crush! And while Myuka may seem a charming busty bunny girl on the outside, we all know she's got some wild cravings on the inside... and with her inhibitions gone, what's to stop her from making a meal of Aji?!

J18 Publishing and Hyocoro are pleased to present Tipsy Rabbit in this special English edition. Lovingly translated, lettered, and presented in the original large-format B5 size, this English release preserves everything there is to love about the Japanese version... minus all that pesky censorship. With an exclusive artist interview in the back and a special full-color character glossary, if you've been waiting for your chance to return to the world of Metahuman Amnero, there's no better time than now!

Size: B5
Pages: 40

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