Sasaoka Gungu Illustration Works

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You've seen Sasaoka Gungu's gorgeous art in magazines and card games—now for the first time ever, you can own all that artwork in one physical volume!
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J18 Publishing and Sasaoka Gungu are pleased to present Sasaoka Gungu Illustration Works, compiling years of artwork from magazine pinups and trading card games! Whether you're a longtime fan of Sasaoka Gungu or just learning about them today, there's no better way to dive head-first into their gorgeous illustrations.

From their work within the pages of Comic Hotmilk to being featured in games like Sangokushi Taisen, Sasaoka Gungu's gorgeous full-color illustrations immediately grab your attention. From the detail in clothing to the supple softness of skin, the attention to detail in their art is undeniable... and blown up to A4 size, this art book allows you to appreciate every last inch of their work!

J18 Publishing and Sasaoka Gungu are happy to bring you this first-ever physical edition of Sasaoka Gungu Illustration Works. Presented with translated artist notes and character dialogue, this large-format art book is an unprecedented showcase of the artist's talent... and for the illustrations that edge beyond titillating and into the pornographic, this collection of artwork is 100% uncensored! The preview pages of this gorgeous book barely do it justice—pick up a copy to experience the beauty of Sasaoka Gungu's illustrations in the flesh!

Size: A4
Pages: 148

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