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A great new ero toy for male stress relief from TENGA, this is the TENGA PUFFY masturbation cup, which is easy to clean after use. This is the Mint Green version.
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TENGA is the company that revolutionized the world of male masturbation when they released the first stylish products in 2005, and now the bar has been raised again with the TENGA PUFFY masturbation cup.

To use it, pop the top off the cup and enjoy the soft, puffy interior, which is designed to get you hard and manage your stress in no time. Unlike hard "cup type" onaholes, the outer shell is soft and flexible, so you can squeeze it during use. When finished, the cap on the other side can be removed for easy cleaning with warm water. Dry to remove water after use.

This is the Mint Green version, which has incredibly stimulative interior with dozens of rows of dots and grooves stimulating you from all directions, along with a kinchaku (drawstring narrow section) in middle which will feel especially good along the bottom of your member.

Sample lotion is included inside the package.

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Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 400g (0.9lbs)

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