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One of the most innovative ero toys to come from Japan is the TENGA Egg, and now there's a new version with Easy Stretch Hard Gel inside. This is the Shiny II version.
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The Tenga Egg is an amazing sex toy from Japan. A stretchy egg-shaped masturbation sleeve that covers your penis, stretching easily no matter how much length you need, each Tenga Egg features a different design inside for a unique experience.

This is the new Easy Stretch Hard Gel version, a firmer Tenga Egg that will get you off in no time. It contains a packet of starter lotion inside a foil packet, and can be easily washed and used again. Best of all, you can turn it inside-out for girls to use with a vibrator!

This is the Shiny II version, which has a large sun-shaped star on the top and bottom of the inside of the masturbation sleeve, which allows you to position it where it feels best against your penis (for example, along the bottom).

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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