Sextracurriculars Collection

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Staying after school for club has never been so sexy!
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J18 Publishing is proud to present Hamashima Shigeo's English-language doujinshi debut with the Sextracurriculars Collection! This anthology collects all eleven of their full-color schoolgirl stories from 2009 to 2013, with a bonus chapter drawn exclusively for this compilation volume—if you're missing those halcyon days of your youth, this anthology's here to let you relive those moments!

With twelve chapters to explore, there's something in the Sextracurriculars Collection for everyone! If cheerleaders are your speed, get an eyeful of Hoshina Mahoro and Haruka Mitsuki, the hottest girls on the team! Too bad they've already got the hots for one another, though. Just don't let them catch you peeping, or they might commandeer your dick for their own purposes! If cheerleaders are played out, you can always get it on with the pampered president of the tennis club: she might put up a cold front, but she's crazy for cock, and just waiting for an excuse to let you jump her bones! Of course, the fun isn't just reserved for students: the best coaches are rewarded for their efforts by the success of their teams, and you can't spell success without succ! Packed with these scenarios and more, including the tea ceremony club, photography club, track team, swim team, and more, you can vicariously enjoy all those experiences you had... and even the ones you never did!

J18 Publishing and Hamashima Shigeo are pleased to present this special full-color English edition of the Sextracurriculars Collection. Published in the original large-format B5 size on beautiful glossy paper, this release preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese edition... except now, you can feast your eyes on Hamashima Shigeo's work without a single bit of censorship! Committing to a club is a big decision... but when you pick up your copy of this doujinshi, you can enjoy them all!

Pages: 90
Size: B5

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