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Nothing like a healthy parasocial relationship to spice up your love life!
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J18 Publishing is proud to present Aoin's first foray into the world of English-translated doujinshi with Streaming! No streamer likes being accused of only being popular because they show a bit of skin, so having a good friend to help you vent your frustrations is never a bad idea!

In the world of competitive FPS games, what streamer doesn't need a little private time with a significant other to relieve the pressure of being live on video all day? After a session filled with backseat gamers, trolls in chat, and superchats that just ask to see your tits, sometimes it's nice to know there's at least one person IRL who's got your back (and can dick you down real good). Good thing chat doesn't know what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling, right...?

J18 and Aoin are pleased to bring you this special English edition of Streaming! Printed in the original B5 size with dazzling glossy color pages, this English release is translated directly from the Chinese—no translations of translations here!—preserving everything you know and love about the original version. Vtubers are all the rage these days, but it never hurts to return to the 3D roots!

Size: B5
Pages: 28

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