Ms. Misaki the Insatiable Virgin Eater

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Every girl's got a type of boy she likes. But when her type is virgins, you've only got one chance to please her...
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J18 Publishing is proud to present artist Toyosaki's English-language debut with Ms. Misaki the Insatiable Virgin Eater! This doujinshi chronicles the one-night stand between a young woman who just loves to take young men's first times and her unsuspecting mark. What would you do if the woman who invited you home only wanted you for your virginity?

Asada Nagato doesn't have much going for him. He's an average young man, not particularly handsome nor witty... but he's a virgin, and that's all Yano Misaki cares about. An insatiable devourer of virgins, Misaki is all too eager to bring Nagato back to her home and wring his virgin body dry of every drop of cum he has! Can Nagato's virgin body satisfy Misaki's hunger? And don't even think about using a condom Misaki likes her virgins raw...

J18 Publishing is proud to bring Toyosaki's Ms Misaki the Insatiable Virgin Eater to the English-speaking world with this special physical edition! This 28-page doujinshi is printed in the original B5-size format at the same high quality, the only difference in the English edition being the complete lack of censorship! If you like stories about women who know what they want and are prepared to take it, this is just the doujinshi for you!

Size: B5
Pages: 28

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