PUNIANAROID S -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

Shipping from Japan
The newest PUNIANA ROID fully automatic ero toy is here, and it's awesome!
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Enjoy the new PUNIANAROID S (PUNI ANA ROID), which takes care of all the movement so you can sit back and enjoy everything.

The theme of this new sex toy is "vacuum," and it has a strong vacuum force that sucks you deep inside, while the device wrings your seed our of you with twisting motions. The powerful force of the toy will have you stress-free in no time.

The PUNIANAROID S is fully automatic, and works with the included USB power charter. To use it, add some lotion inside the onahole section, then turn it on with the power switch (long press to turn on/off). The switches also controls the vibration pattern, and the twisting pattern, with a single press cycling through 7 different patterns.

To clean, remove the onahole from the device and wipe it clean, or use an onahole maintenance kit.

Weight: 580g (1.3lbs)
Length: 23cm (9.1in)
Width: 9cm (3.5in)

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