PUNIANAROID 6 -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

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The PUNIANAROID series of fully automatic onahole from PxPxP is amazing. The newest version is the PUNI ANA ROID 6, the most advanced model yet!
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The PUNIANAROID 6 is a great new automatic masturbation adds amazing new features, including a new more powerful suction system and seven patterns of "piston" movements that will get you off in no time!

The PUNIANAROID 6 has the following features

o A fully automatic system that you charge ahead of time with the included USB cable (standard USB-A)
o Choose between suction vibration or full koki koki movements that will send you to heaven in no time
o Optionally connect the device using the suction cup arm to secure it in place
o To use, remove the cap at top, then slide yourself into the transparent onahole piece. Use the control panel to turn the unit on, start the piston movement, turn "boost mode" on, or control the sexy voice mode.
o There are 10 minutes of voice mode recorded inside, voiced by hentai voice actress Mirai Soyokaze.

To clean, remove the soft interior onahole section, which can be pulled out for cleaning. The main unit is not washable, so please do not get it near water.

Starter lotion included in the box!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 30cm (11.8in)
Weight: 1200g (2.6lbs)

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