PUNIANAROID 4 -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

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One of the most popular onaholes in J-List history has been the PUNIANAROID series, which offers a fully automated masturbation experience. Now the PUNIANAROID 4 is here!
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A great update to a J-List customer favorite, the PUNIANAROID offers the same fully automatic masturbation mechanics, but reworks the device for better feeling and reliability. The toy uses internal motors to twist and jerk you off automatically.

The new version is made of a semi-transparent material that's great because you can see the action as it unfolds,. There's an optional arm with suction cup so you can attach the toy to a flat surface and use hands-free, if you want. Use the control panel on the side of the device to select which movement pattern you want to go with.

The device also contains ecchi voices that will play while you're using the toy, voiced by Mirai Soyokaze.

To recharge, use the included USB-A charter. It takes 2 hours to fully recharge, and the toy can be used continuously for 35 minutes. To clean, remove the onahole portion from the device and wipe out, or clean with an onahole maintenance kit then dry before putting it back inside the device.

Important you should remove the device from its charger once fully charged. It's best to avoid charging the PUNIANAROID after it's charged.

Illustration by Maruku.

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Length: 27cm (10.6in)
Circumference: 9
Weight: 718g (1.6lbs)

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