My Cat Is A Kawaii Girl - Uchi no Neko ga Onnanoko de Kawaii

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This is the much awaited original doujinshi of My Cat Is A Kawaii Girl by popular Japanese illustrator 40hara of Iyapan fame. 40 pages, all full color.
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Here's a great new doujinshi by Iyapan artist 40hara and circle Animal Machine, about the daily life of a young man and his little cat girl. Based on 40hara's real pet cat named Kinako, he has been posting cute illustrations of the cat girl on social media. Kinako also made an appearance in Iyapan volume one. This item compiles all of 40hara's Kinako illustrations and turns into one full colored doujinshi for you to enjoy.

When a Japanese young man finally gets his very own cat as a pet, the cat Kinako is shy and won't come out of her cat-carrier for several hours. He falls asleep, and the next thing he knows, Kinako has transformed into a cute girl!

Pages: 40

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