Present Kinako Dress-up Collection Figure -- Uchi no Neko ga Onnanoko de Kawaii

Pre-order Arrives May, 2024 Shipping from Japan
This is a cute non-scale figure of Kinako from the popular doujinshi by 40hara, Uchi no Neko ga Onnanoko de Kawaii. Produced by GOLDENHEAD+.
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About the product

Preorder Arrives May, 2024

This product is a preorder that will ship in the future. The price listed is the deposit to place a preorder today. The full amount plus shipping fees will be due once the product becomes available in the future.

Product Description

GOLDENHEAD+ releases a great new cute figure of Kinako from the Uchi no Neko ga Onnanoko de Kawaii doujin series by 40hara. The figure is absolutely oozing with cuteness, depicting Kinako wearing a Santa outfit and sitting on top of a giant present. A great new figure for fans of 40hara!

Height: 15cm (5.9in)

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