Ghost in the Shell Bilingual manga - NEW TRANSLATION

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Enjoy the amazing Ghost in the Shell Bilingual manga - NEW TRANSLATION, which is the only uncensored version of the manga!
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Crash and burn into the original hard hacker manga phenomenon Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost in the Shell) by world-famous artist (and recluse) Masamune Shirow with an all-new and very accurate translation by renowned translator and Japan-guru Frederik L. Schodt.

This manga is a fully bilingual publication sold only in Japan by Kodansha. Return to the original story, with the original translator Fredrick L. Schodt. 370 pages of English text and extensive footnotes, accompanied by the original Japanese, so you can study along, or simply marvel at the complexity of it all.

This is the fully uncensored version of the manga, with 100% of the original content left in the story.

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