Male Glans Ecstasy Hell

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The tip of your penis (the glans) is the most sensitive part, and now you can massage away all your cars with the Male Glans Ecstasy Hell vibrating toy!
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This is an amazing stimulation toy for your little guy that consists of five bullet-type rotor vibrators which fit inside a cap that goes inside five compartments around a soft onahole that you insert yourself into. Turn on the vibrators via the controller and prepare to enter heaven!

The controller allows you to power the device on or off, as well as control what kind of stimulation you're going to get. Strong, medium or low. Focusing on the head and the sides at different times, or together, There are 20 different patterns to experiment with.

The device is recharged with USB with any PC/Mac or standard charger.

Onahole size 15 cm
Onahole sizes 15 x 35 mm each (x 5)
Cord length 45 cm

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