KAMI FELLA Saliva Lotion ~ Suzu Honjo 180ml

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This is the official KAMI FELLA "oral" lotion that simulates the special feel of female saliva. This is based on JAV actress Suzu Honjo.
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We love onaholes that simulate fellatio for us, allowing us to feel the sensation of a girl's lips and tongue as well as the light brush of her teeth against our members. And here's a line of KAMI FELLA saliva lotion based on your favorite JAV actress.

This is the official oral lotion of Suzu Honjo, recreating her saliva for you. It's got a rating of 2/6 stars for viscosity, meaning it's nice and slippery.

This lotion is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality!

INGREDIENTS Purified water, sodium polyacrylate, polyquaternium
4-39, EDTA 2Na, fragrance, butylcarpamate
Provinyl iodide butylcarpamate

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