Head of the Sexual Council

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Awesome onahole company Toy's Heart has made an amazing "anal" simulation toy that accurately simulates anal sex with your school's student council president.
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Every anime has a prim and proper seito kaicho or student council president, who is responsible for organizing the school's students leaders and planning school events like the school festival. They're so strict and straight-laced all the time, but you just know they'd become super perverted once you got those panties off. This is a great toy from Toys's Heart (ToysHeart) that lets you experience the sweet ass hole of a student council president, who you've managed to get to submit to your sexual wiles. The toy is super realistic inside, with a tiny virgin opening and awesome grooved interior, and a special latex piece to simulate the squeezing of her inner muscles around you.

This awesome anal onahole is made in Japan for safety, of TPE materials (100% phylate free), by Toy's Heart.

Length: 15cm (5.9in)
Width: 8cm (3.1in)
Weight: 302g (0.7lbs)

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