Fuwa Guchu V. D. D. (Vagina Deep Diver)

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Looking for an awesome and soft onahole experience that's closer to a real woman? Then you'll want to check out the Fuwa Guchi V.D.D. by Ride Japan!
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A great new onahole for your collection, this toy is all about softness, and accurately recreating the feel of thick and warm vaginal walls around your penis during solo sexy time. The Vagina Deep Diver is massive, a full 700 grams, which allows it to feel even more realistic, and because it's made of soft materials, it will stretch if you need more length.

Made in Japan by A-One of the highest quality materials, starter lotion is included.

Length: 16cmcm (6.3in)
Weight: 700g (1.5lbs)

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SKU: AO845