Finger Skin DX G-6

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Here's an amazing new concept in bringing pleasure, either to yourself or that special person!
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Enjoy the new Finger Skin DX series, a unique way to bring pleasure to that special someone, or yourself!

It's basically a "finger condom" that slides over your finger, or the finger of your partner. Attached inside the sleeve are large metal balls that bring an incredible amount of pleasure!

This is the Finger Skin DX-6 version, with a single large ball, perfect for stimulating the G-spot, or pleasuring the clitoris from the outside. Men can use it too, to touch the penis in unique ways, or stimulate the prostate gland during sexy time.

The Finger Skin DX sleeve is made of 0.06 mm thick, and it has lubricating gel around it for easy of use. There are six Finger Skin stimulation toys included in the box, each in a secure wrapper.

The Finger Skin DX is designed to not slip off, but please use common with anything you stick inside your body or another person's body.

Made in Japan for maximum safety and quality!

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