Dichotomy: Desired Obedience, Passionless Domination

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When a young man sworn to protect his kingdom from rioting demi-humans comes face to face with his foe, his convictions falter…
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J18 Publishing is back with another stunningly-illustrated doujinshi from Aoin, presenting Dichotomy: Desired Obedience, Passionless Domination! A young, inquisitive knight charged with quelling riotous demi-humans in a neighboring town lays eyes upon his enemy for the first time… and questions what differences truly separate them.

Demi-humans are an untamed, riotous breed, often requiring regional guardsmen to subjugate their violent uprisings. In the heat of battle, a freshly-knighted young man spies a horned woman, a demi-human captain, and charges in to capture her… but when a crumbling building threatens to crush her, he pushes her out of harm's way—injuring himself in the process! But when the young knight comes to, he finds himself alone with the demi-human woman in an abandoned church, and she seems intent on showing gratitude for his actions…

J18 and Aoin are pleased to bring you this special English edition of Dichotomy: Desired Obedience, Passionless Domination. Printed in the original B5 size on glossy color pages, this English release is translated directly from the Chinese—no translations of translations here!—preserving everything you know and love about the original. Aoin's gorgeous world-building and character designs are on full display within the pages of this doujinshi, making this an instant pickup for any Aoin appreciator!

Size: B5
Pages: 28

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