C-Qpot -- Shh! Q-Pot

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Notowa is an amazing new onahole manufacturer that has immediately caught our intention. Their newest creation is perfect for your solo stress relief!
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This is the C-Qpot (pronounced "shii! Q-Pot"), a perfectly balanced onahole with every feature you could ask for. Using dual layer construction, you get pleasing flesh on the outside, with an accurately pink-colored inner vagina for you to use anytime you like. Move past the perfectly crafted labia, and you'll find many grooves and twists and turns that will finish you off in no time.

The girl is saying "Shh!" because she has a secret an extra-tight uterus that you can penetrate when you're all the way inside her, the better to shoot your load right into her cervix. The feeling is great when you finish all the way inside her.

The toy is a full 610 grams of material, which allows it to feel even better and realistic. It's made using the company's proprietary No. 18 Skin, which feels just like the real thing.

Made by Notowa in Japan, for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included.

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Weight: 610g (1.3lbs)
Length: 16cm (6.3in)

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