Bye Bye Frustration

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Some girls sell themselves for a bit of extra spending cash. But some do it just for the thrill…
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Ohno Kanae and J18 Publishing are back with another release: that's right, it's Bye-Bye Frustration! Takeda Shiori's an introvert who'd rather spend time by herself than go out with friends… but when it comes to getting dick, it's an entirely different story.

Shiori's not your average student looking for a sugar daddy: she's not in it for the cash, she just wants the sex! Her friends are more than happy to help her get into the world's oldest profession, recommending their favorite DILF who pays top-dollar for diddling. A perfect gentleman, he'll satisfy her fantasies of getting fucked silly by an older man! And satisfy Shiori he does, showing her the ropes as he fucks her silly. No NTR or ugly bastards here, folks: just a passion-filled fuckfest until one of them drops… and then beyond!

J18 Publishing and Ohno Kanae are subverting the compensated dating genre with this special English edition of Bye-Bye Frustration. Printed in the original large-format B5 size as the Japanese release, the only improvement over the original is the omission of all censorship! If you've been looking for the most considerate night of debauchery this side of the Pacific, we've got you covered…

Pages: 32
Size: B5

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