Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru - Akane Nanao (Akane's in a Pinch)

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All hentai fans love the Akane's in a Punch hentai anime, in which we see the deflowering of baseball teach manager Akane at the hands of her perverted coach. Now you can do the deflowering yourself!
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This is an official onahole that simulates the sweet naughty bits of Akane from the popular hentai anime from Lune Pictures. the toy is great, giving you a warm, wet place to slide yourself inside when you want to de-stress after a hard day. Move past Akane's pussy lips and deep inside her vagina, and you'll be massaged by dozens of hard bumps and ridges, which will get you off quickly. What a time to be alive!

Length: 13cm (5.1in)
Weight: 280g (0.6lbs)

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SKU: OD074