Doki Doki H-ism

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Henti artist Bond and GOT Comics bring us a great collection of ecchi stories!
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Lots of fun and unpredictable ero moments in this hentai manga. A maid JK must pay for an error with her body. A girl gets soaked while camping and needs to dry out in your tent. A big breasted classmate turns out to have feelings for you. And much more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Wet Hands And Bubbles Naked Tsukiai In A Hot Spring
2. What Does One Do During Solo Camp
3. Summer Festival! Heart Fluttering! Your Bare Skin Is Glamorously Alluring!
4. Dwelling Girl Living Your True Feelings And My True Feelings
5. Being Rubbed By A Woman
6. Fun Words of Too Much Sex
7. I'm Going To Have A Lot Of Fun So I'm Going To Have To Do A Final Check
8. Yankee Swastika Tits Rubbing
9. Mato Kurobako -- Make Love In Beach

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