Super H-ERO Girls War

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We love hentai stories about magical girls who fight evil tentacle monsters but get defeated, leading to sexy moments!
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Artist TJ-Type1 and 2DC Comics bring us a collection of erotic magical girl stories with lots of naughty tentacles. Because H + Ero = Hero!

The stories in this manga include

1. Scramble in the Sun! Magical Girls Battle Tentacle Monster in an Exotic Southern Country
2. Sister's Secret Super H-ERO!
3. Super Beast Man! Goodbye Yellow, We Will Never Forget You
4. Magical Girl x Male Virgins in the Magic Mirror AV Studio
5. The Hard Work of Magical Sword Girl
6. Super Battle With Spoiled Brat! Dynamite Girl vs Dreamer Middle-Aged Man (tanned magical girl!)
7. How I Became A Hero In Another World With Cheat Powers
8. Space Force Go-Star! Pink Takes Man Men As Her Lover

Pages: 168

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