Let Me Instill Loser's Habits Into You -- Makeguse Tsukeyou ka?

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This is an awesome hentai manga from DUMA Comics and artist Watari Kaoru with dark and amazing themes!
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For fans of masochistic themes in their hentai, of being humiliated by a sexy woman before she takes you by force, this is an amazing manga! All the stories include hentai stories of women taking control of the sexual relationship and taking what they want from weaker males. It's all great!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Pure Love Reverse Rape Part 1
2. Pure Love Reverse Rape Part 2
3. Exploitation Whore Part 1
4. Exploitation Whore Second Part 2
5. Ah The Loving Incompetent Masochist Part 1
7. Loving Incompetent Masochist Second Part 2
8. Bright Family Planning Under Coercion To Ejaculate Inside
9. Maid Who Has Always Been Bad At It
11. Pure Love Reverse Rape Anal Training Edition

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Pages: 206

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