Utero In Bloom

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Enjoy this deluxe onahole from a new company, Notawa, who has really made a name for themselves with their amazing deluxe stress products for me.
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This is a "hip type" toy that re-creates the entire lower half of a girl for you, allowing you to relieve your stress in either of her holes in a variety of sexual positions.

Right out of the box, the toy looks great, giving you a vaginal slit and anus to penetrate anytime you like. The exterior is super soft, made of the company's proprietary Mochi-hada, for a realistic feel. The toy is designed for you to use either in missionary position, or turn it over and penetrate her doggy style, or even go for cowgirl position.

Both the vaginal and anal routes are accurately colored pink inside, thanks to the toy's dual-layer construction. Of course inside the toy is amazing, with any manner of grooves and bumps to get you off quickly. Since it's larger than average, it's also great for customers who need a bigger onahole option.

Made in Japan for maximum quality and safety by Notawa, starter lotion is included in the box. The toy is also treated to reduce the "onahole factory smell."

Great for anyone wanting a larger onahole experience!

Package art by Katoro Nirumanna.

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