My Big Sister's Secret Sexy Side

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Minato happy his new stepsister is so warm and gentle, but she has an unexpected perverted streak he hasn't found out about yet... Size B5 and 40 pages.
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Doushoku is bringing Titiduki to J18 Publishing with their debut English doujinshi My Big Sister's Secret Sexy Side! When Minato's father remarries, he gets a new big sister... but while she seems warm and gentle, she has desires lurking beneath the surface he can't possibly imagine.

Satsuki seems like the perfect older sister: elegant, kind, and welcoming of her little stepbrother Minato. But when a pair of her underwear accidentally winds up in Minato's laundry, he seeks to return it to her clothing drawer—and discovers her secret stash of sex toys. Determined to make sure Minato doesn't spill the beans, she has sex with him on the spot, giving him a secret of his own to keep from their parents! But far from wishing he could forget about their night together, Minato finds himself craving more... and it turns out Satsuki's willing to offer him all the loving stepsister sex he can stand.

J18 Publishing and Titiduki are pleased to present this English edition of My Big Sister's Secret Sexy Side. Presented in the original large-format B5 size and featuring fully-translated SFX and dialogue, this English release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version... and now, minus all that pesky censorship! This one's for all the fans of older girls out there, so pick up your copy today!

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