CLEAVAGE – Blu-ray Perfect Version 【Value Price】 (Blu-ray)

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This is the Perfect Version Value Price of the popular h-anime adaptation of CLEAVAGE, the amazing eroge with character designs by Seishoujo. Contains all the episodes of the hentai OVA. 60 minutes.
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The heartwarming story of a young man, his older stepsister, and his teacher - and their improbably voluptuous breasts - comes in a complete full HD Blu-ray edition! This is the biggest and best Cleavage seen to date, featuring both episodes of the original ero anime in a non-cut full running hour long episode. This great reproduction of the original game's character designs by the famous Sei Shoujo is a treat no fan of Bible Black will want to miss - packed with tons of hot sex in all sorts of settings, from the school pool to the gym, three way flings, shower room sex, office sex with paizuri and fellatio, and so much more. As a special bonus extra, on the disc there's a gallery of high definition art from the original Cleavage ero game - awesome! 60 minutes runtime, from animation studio White Bear and original work by Sei Shojo (aka Seishojo or Seishojyo, meaning Holy Girl).

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