Discipline ZERO – Blu-ray Perfect Version (Blu-ray)

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The definitive edition of this classic hentai, released on region-free Blu-ray! 60 minutes.
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The popular Discipline H-anime series returns in an encore 2-part original series - for the first time together in a single new Blu-ray edition! Animated by White Bear, the same studio who brought you the original Discipline anime, the new Discipline Episode Zero offers all new, never-before-seen hardcore scenarios set in the Saint Arcadia Academy. Familiar characters return, with Morimoto Leona once again exacting her vengeance and sexual rule over the (nearly) all-female elite academy. Themes present include bondage galore, 3-4-5+ way sex, oral, anal, and all sorts of fetish play. This disc is the Japanese original release, so some knowledge of Japanese will be helpful if an understanding of the story is desired. By the creator of Bible Black.

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