Training Yankee Girl

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Enjoy this hentai manga from artist Oak Kuroha (also read Damu Kuroha) and GOT Comics about fucking a hot delinquent girls!
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In Japanese, a "yankee" is a girl with blonde-dyed hair who is a delinquent, perhaps dating a guy from a biker gang. These girls cut class and love to have sex. The word "yankee" arises from their love of dying their hair blonde, which makes them seem like Americans to Japanese people.

The book features

1. Sexual Training with a Yankee JK
2. Being More than Friends with a Cute Yankee Girl
3. Flower Juice Boys
4. Two Lovers Crossing in the Night (features a tanned GAL!)
5. Having Raw Sex With a Little Devil JK 1
6. Having Raw Sex With a Little Devil JK 2

Pages: 196

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