Moo Collection 4 New Issue Set (Mordred Parody Book)

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Enjoy this really special edition of the Moo Collection, a hentai artbook series by artist Tonee focusing on Modred from FGO!
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Enjoy this full color doujinshi artbook focusing on the character of Mordred from Fate/Grand Order. Aross 28 pages, see nothing but gorgeous illustrations of Mordred as she smiles at us, or makes fun tomboy poses for us!

This is a special limited set that give you the large Moo Collection IV artbook in A4 size, with awesome sexy new illustrations of Mordred. Then you get a second B4 sized doujin with more sexy illustrations. Finally there's a large A4 sized "clear file" to store both doujins in, or else any other documents you want to protect in style.

artist Tonee
genre Fate/Grand Order/Mordred

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Pages: 28
Pages: 12

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SKU: NDJ3138