Buds About to Burst

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GOT Comics always brings us extra-thick, extra-awesome hentai manga, and this neew offering by Shirisensha is just amazing!
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Get ready for an amazing journey of hentai from new artist Shirisensha and GOT Comics! This is the first tankoubon-format book by this artist so let's give them some love!

The stories are all vanilla and really explore the kinds of sex with deep love we'd all love to experience.

The stories inside this volume are

1. Ms. Kurihanaraku is Shy (the shy girl of the literary club comes out of her shell)
2. Your Heart is Quaking with Love 1
3. Your Heart is Quaking with Love 2
4. When Spring Buds Open 1. (chubby JK story)
5. When Spring Buds Open 2
6. A Marriage Match with Kami
7. My Secret Stress Reliever
8. Girls Who Love Cats Have Lots of Sex
9. Ponpoko Ponpako (sex with a "thicc" girl)

Pages: 228

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