Kamichichi Saved My Life -- Arigatou, Kamichichi

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Another fun ero manga from Japan, this is presented by Taihei Tengoku and GOT Comics.
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Enjoy this extra-thick hentai manga from famous "titty promotion evangelist" Taihei Tengoku and GOT Comics, with an amazing 252 pages of quality hentai for you. All the stories in this manga focus on girls with huge breasts. These are described by the artist as kami chichi or "God Tits."

The included volumes in this manga are

1. That Girl's Older Sister's Tits are Too Huge
2. That Girl is Too Much of a Pervert
3. Making a Photobook of a Model with Huge Breasts 1
4. Making a Photobook of a Model with Huge Breasts 2
5. The Melancholy of Amane Akari
6. How to Attract Thicc Tanned GALs
7. The Perverted Older Woman Next Door
8. The Flamboyant DQN Girl Who Likes Invisible Character Boys

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Pages: 252

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