Stay Together For a Little Longer

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Here's a great hentai manga with vanilla love stories about sex with our childhood friend, and more! It's by artist Shoukaki (which means Fire Extinguisher).
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"I wan tot be connected to you forever."

This is a great collection of stories about sweet love and sex.

A story of Kazami, a girl working at a coffee shop, and the man who has loved her for years. A female officer worker who comes of strict, but who really wants a warm relationship in her life. A confession to a childhood friend that is accepted, followed by amazing sex.

The chapter list for this manga is1. How To Make A Smiling Face 2. How To Make Sugar Receiver Ground 3. How To Make A Promise 4. The Way To Love A Woman 5. How To Give Up On Youth 6. How To Forgive On The Other Side 7. How To Eat Hem Sen 8. Futami Senpai Senpai And a Trip to a Hot Springs 9. Emotion Diary

Pages: 224

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