The Girl on the Train Shows Us her Panties Omnibus -- Tsukin Dochu de Anoko ga Pantsu wo Misetekuru Hon Matomebon

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This is a great omnibus compilation of The Girl on the Train Shows Us her Panties, featuring cute girls on a busy train lifting their skirts to give us a view of their panties.
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A great panties centric doujinshi series that lets us view all the panties we want. The art by circle Usotsukiya (Oouso aka O-USO) is outstanding, and will give us many smiles.

The book gives us an incredible 227 pages, approximately half of which are full color illustrations of O-Uso's characters showing us their panties, we also get sexy hentai scenes featuring both JK-chan and OL-chan!

The book
circle Usotsukiya
artist Oouso
genre original

Pages: 228

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SKU: NDJ3328