Welcome To The Harem Apartment

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Enjoy this hentai manga about a non-stop sex life under one roof! This manga is by artist Rumi Matsunami and Bavel Comics.
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"What? My rent is paid with creampie sex?"

Here's a great hentai manga by artist Rumi Matsunami about a sexy apartment where the residents pay with their bodies.

Yuma is the landlady of an apartment with several female residents and one male one named Ryota. She lost her husband in a car accident and dearly misses having sex. When Ryota comes to ask for an extension on his rent this month, she offers to let him pay it with his body. Yuma is super happy to have a boy to fuck again, and Ryota is happy about not having to pay rent.

But when the other girls hear what's going on, they get jealous, and want a piece of Ryota's cock, too...

Contains 12 chapters, with the story completely contained in this volume!

Pages: 196

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