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This is a bold and stylized hentai manga about a sexy girl with a gun and her young male sidekick (and lover)!
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Enjoy a great hentai manga from artist Jiro Tokihama and Fujimi Comics. It has lots of action, stylized art and amazing straight shota sex with a busty girl!

Haruto is a boy who's being chased by mysterious men. He meets a super sexy girl named Ren who drives Fiat Lingotto Nuova 500 sports car and she gives him a ride. What adventures (sexual and otherwise) will they get up to? A great manga for fans of "straight shota" or "Ane x Shota" genre stories.

The chapter list for this manga is

2. PART Road To Takasaki
3. PART Mixed Bathing In An Open Air Bath
4. PART Clash Colt Vs Female Ninja
5. PART Operation Nuova Sakitama Job
6. PART Cassava Connection
7. PART The End Of The Line
8. Boss And The Naughty Movie Drinking At Home
9. Boss-chan And A Naughty Movie Date
10. A Night Of Thunder And Omurice With Sachika's Sister

Pages: 226

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