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Marco's baby batter is a cure-all for whatever ails Amnero, but she's still a bit shy to ask for it… so a couple's workout session should speed things along!
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Hyocoro and J18 Publishing return with the fourth entry in the universe of Metahuman Amnero, with the aptly-titled Metahuman Amnero 2! Amnero's had some time to acclimate herself to life with her bounty-hunting partner Marco, but she still freezes up when it comes to the more intimate parts of cohabitation. Luckily for Amnero, Marco has no such inhibitions!

Quite a while has passed since Amnero and Marco have settled into life together as a bounty-hunting duo, ample time for feelings between the two to blossom, but Amnero is still self-conscious about the beginnings of their relationship: is wanting to have sex with him what she truly desires, or is it just the MTC implant in her belly trying to reel in a healthy male catch? Marco's semen is a necessary ingredient in her medication to keep from overheating, so he's happy to package it up and leave it in her room—no sex required! But one day, Amnero propositions Marco to find some answers… and like any good partner, Marco's happy to fuck her until they do!

J18 Publishing and Hyocoro are pleased to bring you the fourth installment in the Metahuman Amnero series. With every last bit of dialogue and sound effects translated and lovingly lettered, this special English edition preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese release… with the only change being the removal of all that pesky censorship! Also, don't forget to check the back of this book for a three-page world-building glossary and a special artist interview with Hyocoro himself—this is a release no Amnero fan will want to miss!

Size: B5
Pages: 48

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