FU DE O RO SHI !! – Vacuum Type – (Male First Time Simulator)

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In Japanese, "fude-oroshi" means "putting the writing brush down" and is a euphemism for a man losing his virginity. Now you can experience that with this new onahole.
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The new FU DE O RO SHI is an outstanding "vacuum tyoe" onahole from Toy's Heart which is build around the concept of fudeoroshi or male loss of virginity. (The idea is a boy is hard at work at his studied, writing with his writing brush, and a girl finally gets him to put the brush down and come learn about sex with her.)

The toy is amazing, a well crafted onahole that's made out of the company's Virgin Skin material, which is so safe you could lick it if you wanted. There's a tight opening at the front, then lots of amazing grooves that stimulate you from all sides as you go deeper, twisting as it gos. There's a vacuum section at the back, too, where you can finish when you're ready.

The onahole has a gimmick called chijo mode (slut mode) you can access by twisting the onahole around, making it into a tighter twisting tunnel you won't be able to resist ejaculating into.

Onaholes are ranked so you know what to expect ahead of time, This is nearly in the center of the grid, so that it's not too tight and not too loose, and not too firm and not too soft.

Length: 13cm (5.1in)
Weight: 239g (0.5lbs)

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