Dr. Reroko's Laboratory -- KONEKURI Vacuum Onahole

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Want a great fully automated way to manage your stress? Then use the new Dr. Reroko's Laboratory KONEKURI Vacuum onahole!
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It's great when technology can help us manage our stress, and this is a fully automated onahole that offers both vacuum suction and rotation to get you off in no time!

The KONEKURI Kyuin Dr. Reroko's Laboratory device has a high-powered exterior body that's recharged using the included USB plug. There are controls on the side allowing you to switch between seven suction patterns and seven rotation patterns.

There's also a removable onahole piece that pops out for easy cleaning. The inside of the onahole fits to create an airtight seal when inside the automatic device.

The onahole is 25 cm in length, and the removable onahole unit is 9.4 cm in length.

USB charging cable and starter lotion included in the box.

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