Maid Education: Fallen Aristocrat Rurikawa Tsubaki

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Once a proud noble, Rurikawa Tsubaki is now forced to wait on her master Lord Peumann hand and foot... and several other body parts besides.
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Kyockcho makes their debut at J18 Publishing with Maid Education: Fallen Aristocrat Rurikawa Tsubaki! Join Rurikawa on her journey from ruling class maiden to servile maid in the first two installments of her story, anthologized into one release!

With her pale, unblemished skin and elegant, slender figure, Rurikawa Tsubaki is perfectly at home within the interior of Lord Peumann's mansion—although she finds herself there not as one of his esteemed guests, but as his personal maid. Her duty is to tend to her new master's every wish, sexual desires among them! Lord Peumann is not satisfied to merely ravish her body and make it his own: he wants her soul, and he will humiliate her until she willingly gives it to him. While Tsubaki may submit her flesh to Peumann, she swears she'll never be his... but as he awakens her body to pleasures she never knew, how long will her mental fortitude last?

Kyockcho and J18 Publishing are pleased to present this special English edition of Maid Education: Fallen Aristocrat Rurikawa Tsubaki. Featuring fully translated and lettered dialogue and SFX, this doujinshi is printed in the original B5 format to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese releases—and now, you can appreciate Kyockcho's gorgeous artwork without a single black bar of censorship! Rurikawa Tsubaki might not be up for sale anymore, but you can buy a copy of this book today...

Pages: 60
Size: B5

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