Miru Tights First Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

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Do you love sexy girls wearing black tights? Then get this, the ultimate collection of the Miru Tights anime series, a limited Blu-ray with tons of extras...including English subtitles!
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Here's a great item for fans of artist Yom's sexy tights artwork and anime, a limited edition Blu-ray featuring all 12 episodes of Miru Tights plus a bonus 13th episode just for this Blu-ray! It's a great way to re-live the sexy characters of the Miru Tights universe.

This is a limited release so it comes with tons of extra, including an original case with new art by the artist, plus a new manga booklet by the artist, the original soundtrack CD, and a leaflet with commentary on each episode by the artist.

Best of all, this Blu-ray is fully subtitled in English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese.

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