Falling Star: Azure

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When a tabloid threatens to expose an idol's secret boyfriend, her group will do anything to keep their fans from finding out the truth...
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Satou Kuuki returns to J18 Publishing with the first installment of their newest series, Falling Star: Azure! When an up-and-coming idol group is threatened by a romantic exposé, one of its members will do whatever it takes to keep their reputation intact... even if it means offering up her body!

Asaba Ibuki and Shirosaki Koharu are the stars of StellaResta, an idol group with its first big concert just months away... but it all threatens to come crashing down when a tabloid informs Ibuki they've got proof Koharu is actually dating her manager! But they agree to bury their exclusive scoop for a price: Ibuki will need to let the tabloid's source dick her down until he's satisfied! Faced with the destruction of her dreams, Ibuki reluctantly consents for the sake of StellaResta... but will her resolve withstand the pounding and pleasure she'll be forced to endure?

J18 Publishing and Satou Kuuki are pleased to bring you this special English edition of Falling Star: Azure! Printed in the original large-format B5 size and featuring fully translated, lovingly lettered dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version... except now, you can appreciate Satou Kuuki's artwork without a single black bar of censorship! Fans can't know their idols are in relationships, but you can bring this Ibuki book home with you today, and her fans will never know...

Pages: 40
Size: B5

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