The Story of Ripe Meiki -- JULIA (Meiki Hole)

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Enjoy a new official JULIA onahole that's a Meiki, a legendary place to deposit your stress at the end of the day!
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About the product

Product Description

The term "Meiki" dates back to erotic poetry from the Edo Period, and it describes a "legendary female sex organ" that only one in 10,000 women possess. In modern days, the term is always reserved for the very best onaholes, which the manufacturers are especially proud of.

This is an incredible new official Meiki based on the actual vagina of JAV star JULIA. It's designed to offer the most accurate masturbation experience outside of the actress herself.

Right off the bat, the onahole is massive, giving you 960 grams of material to lose yourself into. There are a mind-blowing three layers soft skin on the outside, a gel-like material in the middle, and a third simulating her firm vaginal musculature that you will feel.

The outside of the onahole is amazing, offering both vaginal and anal options, the first time we've seen this in a Meiki offering. Both holes are incredibly detailed when you slip inside, offerings twists and turns and 100% accurate coloring.

Because of the larger construction of this onahole and it's stretchiness, this item is recommended for customers who need a larger onahole experience!

This onahole promises a 120% accurate re-creation of sex with JULIA for you!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Weight: 960g (2.1lbs)

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