Maria Mania -- Maria Nagai Photo Book

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Enjoy another hardcover photobook from Japan, this time focusing on the lovely Maria Nagai!
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Maria Nagai is a JAV actress famous for her 100-cm hips and 120-cm breasts, giving her body the perfect hourglass look. Her favorite kind of video to film is with male virgins having their first sexual experience with her.

The photobook is gorgeous, giving fans exactly what they want amazing views of her body from all angles, with a big focus on her breasts and ass.

The photobook lets us spend time with Maria while she relaxes at home, getting dressed slowly while we gaze at her. We head out to a pool for more sexy poses, then visit some natural settings to appreciate her beauty shot in natural light.

This photobook is part of a print run that's limited to 3000 copies!

This photobook is newly restocked!

Pages: 80

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